Zotz was Zadie Eloko's pet bat that she meets in the Amazon. During their travels to The Eye of the Forest, Zadie would send messages to Virgil Macreeby through the bat. Despite the others' tauntings, Zadie was always quite kind to the bat but let it go off on its own to hunt. It had the special ability to find Zadie and the others no matter where they were. When it is not traveling on its own, Zotz finds a place to rest on Zadie's shoulder. It is suggested that Zotz is a fruit bat, due to the fact that Zadie feeds it oranges.

Zotz was the one that brought the a letter from McCreeby that he needed help in the forest, and it was through this that Nimrod began to suspect McCreeby's role in the plot.


Zadie named Zotz after Camerzotz, the death bat god of the Mayan Indians.

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