An artiststic rendition of Solomon

King Solomon was a powerful magus who lived long ago. He wrote the Solomon's Grimoire, one of the most powerful djinn books.

According to the book, Solomon was the direct rival of Asmodeus. When Solomon was the king of Israel, Asmodeus stole his ring of power and impersonated the former in his own palace. One of Solomon's maids noticed that he had demon tracks and stole the ring and gave it back to Solomon.

But as Asmodeus was pretending to be Solomon, he discovered the book Solomon was writing, the Solomon's Grimoire. It contained his wisdom and how one could gain power over djinn, angels, and humans. Since then, Asmodeus has been trying to retrieve the book.


  • Nimrod mentions the myths about "King's Solomon's Mines" were actually referring to "King Solomon's Book of Moans." Because he had a sense of humor, his diary contained ways people irritated him in. The myths were due to a mistranslation.

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