Montana Retch was a djinn tracker hired to eliminate Philippa Gaunt by Mimi de Ghulle. She was disguised as a reporter and followed Philippa's footsteps. After Layla Gaunt found out about this, she was furious and turned her into a cat, so that she could no longer do harm to others. By doing so, Layla broke her vow to never to use Djinn power again. After her transformation, the Gaunts decided to keep her as a pet named Monty. Interestingly enough, to add to the punishment, Monty is a male cat while her original form was female.

Life as MontyEdit

During the stay at the Gaunt's house, Montana has become much more amiable and has taken well to her role as the house cat in the household. She likes the music of John Lennon, which Mrs. Trump played for her on evenings in the house.

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