Frank Vodyannoy


Frank Vodyannoy








Philippa Gaunt, John Gaunt, Uncle Nimrod, Zadie Eloko, Mr. Rakshasas

Frank Vodyannoy is a djinn of the Jann tribe that lives in New York. When John Gaunt first meets him, Mr. Vodyannoy reprimands him for scaring away Miss Pickings, but becomes much more friendly towards him after hearing his story. Quickly, they become friends. Later, he invites the twins to a Djinnverso torunament in his home in New Haven, Connecticut. The apartment he named in, appropriately named "Nightshakes", is rumored to be haunted. When the twins travel to Peru to the Eye of the Forest, Mr. Vodyannoy accompanies them on the adventure. His focus word is ZAGIPNOTIXIROVAVSHEMUSYA. Frank's butler is Bo, who works in his house, Nightshakes.


Mr. Vodyannoy is taller than Nimrod, with red hair, an eagle's beak like nose, and a ring with a moonstonegem. He is from Russia and has been living New York City for 75 years, though at many times his Russian orgins appear in his speech.


Mr. Vodyannoy owes Rabbi Joshua three wishes for losing a Pension Bet.

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