Dybbuk Sachertorte is a friend of John and Philippa Gaunt. As he frequently reminds other characters in the book, he dislikes being called Dybbuk and prefers being called "just Buck." His mother is the djinn doctor Jenny Sachertorte. He enjoys treasure hunts and old war movies. Dybbuk and his family lives (including his pet coyote) in Palm Springs, California. In the third book, it is revealed that he is the youngest son of Iblis Teer, leader of the Ifrit tribe and most evil of all Djinn. In the fourth book, he acts as a magician under the name of Jonathan Tarot, part of Iblis' plan acting from inside Adam Apollonious, but Dybbuk uses up his powers in a complicated stunt and loses all his powers. In the fifth book, he goes along with a plot by Virgil McCreeby to regain his powers. He is known to have an extremely enormous crush on Phillippa. throughout the books his liking for her grows ferociously throughout the series. Dybbuk's focus word is ZYGOBRANCHIATE.

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